Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Week

Owen's friends and teachers learned more about Owen during his family week (March 16-20).  I went in on Tuesday and we shared some of Owen's favorite toys and since it was St. Patrick's Day we decorated shamrock's and I brought in a shamrock plant for them to see and touch.  I also brought seeds and soil and planters and we planted seeds (a huge hit!)
Owen's class is really interested in space and rockets and planets so you can see some of that too.

Owen and friends Charlotte, Anna (who reminds Woody and I so much of cousin Faith:) and Lily decorating shamrocks.

Owen's teacher Cassandra and his cubby-mate Joseph.

Woody went in on Thursday and made smoothies (another favorite activity of Owen's) and that was also a huge hit, tho Woody was too involved to take photos:)
The last photo is of Owen and Maya playing upstairs in the kindergarten wing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here we go again?

This was our dinner last night.  Even Mr. Picky couldn't turn down purple potatoes.

Maya building towers and knocking them down.

AJ and Owen @ the zoo:)