Monday, June 29, 2009

Homemade versus store bought

Exhibit A: Homemade invitations to OM's pirate-theme birthday party.
Exhibit B: Store bought invitations to a pirate theme birthday party (this was one Owen received from a friend @ preschool).

Guess which one Owen likes best???

Ding, ding, ding...If you picked the store bought invitation then you are correct!

He carried that thing around for an entire day showing anyone and everyone how great it was. My little invitation that I spent hours pondering over (what color papers, how will it tie into/match the cupcakes, what cute stamps will I find?) and then putting together. [Edited version. If I took my time posting I would have realized I didn't complete my thought here...I meant to add, something like: after all the thought and time I put into it he barely made a peep about it, certainly didn't carry my homemade version with him in the car or into stores like he did the other one...ok, I'll be a better editor in the future.] 

Don't get me wrong, I DIG doing stuff like that so it's okay, but what a rip

Which brings me to Michael Jackson (RIP King of Pop). 

My sister texted me last week to let me know MJ had passed, and when I called her later to tell her she was a dork for texting me that, she said she'd thought I would want to know since I use to have a Michael Jackson glove.

And here's how it all ties together: I didn't get the real, legitimate MJ glove; what I got was a kit that came with a white glove and glitter, sequins, etc. and I was suppose to make my own. And I was totally bummed about it because mine looked junky and I wanted the cool, already made glove that looked totally radical:)

But, way to go 'rents (i.e., parents)! You should have bought me the DIY MJ glove b/c kids to need to create.  

So, I guess I'll have to work my way through this as OM grow and whine about not having the cool, store-made stuff and get to make and create on their own (I can just picture my dad smiling ear-to-ear now...payback time)

Woo hoo, let the good times begin:)!!!

And onto the other photos: W & M weeding...
Maya insisted on wearing her winter gloves and wanted her baby to participate as well.
Owen with ALL of his cars and animals..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maya painting

This little movie was on the disc of photos M's preschool gave me. I've been meaning to mention that I uploaded two more little videos to YouTube. If you go to the archives and click on the YouTube post it will take you there.

Maya spring term 2009

These are all photos from her time at preschool this quarter. I didn't take any of them. 

Seeing these make me love her school even more than I already do. She's happy and developmentally stimulated in every way. Yes, ah-ha (that's what Maya says:)

Her teacher called me Thursday as I was walking into work (~ 10 minutes after I'd left her) to tell me that she had run into the corner of a door and her nose was bleeding and she had a bump on her forehead. She recovered quickly and it has now turned into a nice bruise.

Sweet little baby sis...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby seals and Free bird

Monday morning before we went to the zoo OM were on the couch together pretending they were seals. I walked by and O asked, "are you our feeder, we're hungry" and I said, "great, go eat the blueberry bagel I toasted for you that's sitting on your plate uneaten" and O said, "we're seals, we eat fish." 

When we got home from the zoo Star and I heard some chirping come out of the chimney. Ugh. It's happened before that a sparrow has fallen down but this sounded bigger. I called W and asked him to come home and get it out. He laughed and said get it out yourself or wait 'til I get home. 

We waited:) 

Although, I felt really bad for the bird flapping really hard to get out of there. I determined it was a robin because a) we have dozens of them around and b) there was one robin in particular pacing up and down our garden, waiting for her buddy/mate. 

As soon as W got home he got to work and then O ran upstairs to get some "stuff to help." He ran back down with his construction goggles and nerf shooter..very clever, as he chose the shooter because it has a red laser on it and he wanted to help dad shine a light up the chimney.

W tried to take off the flue door but that still didn't work so he got aggressive and just reached in there and pulled him out!!!

I was in the kitchen (once it took longer than 15 minutes we all lost interest and stopped watching him) as W calmly announced, "I got it."

[I actually made dinner and suggested W take a break so that the bird could rest and maybe relax and jump down. During dinner O asked what we were going to do after dinner. He proceeded to tell us that, Step 1: get the bird out of the fireplace (he's into steps, he usually tells us, Step 1: take a bath, Step 2: use the potty, Step 3: get jammies on, Step 4: bah-ssert, aka dessert)]

W and his new friend:)

The bird just sort of sat in the grass so W finally nudged its tail feathers and it flew away. Hopefully he's okay.

Oh, and today we went to a 2nd hand store and I got this bikini, a book, and kiddie pool for $5. 

I know what you're thinking. 


From a 2nd hand store? 

Gross. It's almost like buying underwear from a 2nd hand store. Ewww. 

But, I think this baby is pretty darn new. It didn't have tags but it's shining newness is evident when you look at it. We went to our community pool Friday night and had so much fun and I hate my two current bathing suits so a new one was in order. I usually wear board shorts anyway so I'll probably just wear the top. 

Okay, I think I just convinced myself it's okay:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Myklebust-style

OM & I were going to walk to Albertson's and buy some donuts for dad's day yesterday morning but W decided we should go to Voodoo donuts. So we got in the car and headed to PDX instead. We had to wait in a long line b/c it's a popular place (& very small) but once we were inside we got to listen to Tori Amos blasting (a little too loudly for Owen) on the sound system. [I get to see her play July 11..cannot wait!!]. 

OM started getting, almost crazed, when they saw the donuts smothered in tiny m&m's. We walked quickly back to the car as they wrestled in our arms, sternly cautioning us not to drop them. W got a maple bar. I got nada. I'm on a diet (kind of weird I know b/c I don't really believe in diets but I'm curious about this one).

Wait, I did get coffee. We went up to Peet's and Powell's for coffee and books. Very nice.

Then we went to Trader Joe's for groceries (both O & M got the little shopping carts since W was there to help). Super normal family day but super nice to be together on what turned out to be a sunny day.

When we got home we checked out the growing garden. Check out my little tomatoes!!

Maya scissor-hands...

These are W's dad's day gift...

to replace these...
he's had them for almost 10 years. They use to be work shoes but for the past five years or so he uses them as outside shoes to take out the compost, pick up Star's poop, etc. I HATE them. I mean, I'm all for reducing but these are such an eye sore and so past their days of service they had to go. W's been reluctant to say adios but I think we finally convinced him.

Dinner: meatball sandwiches. It's like the easiest dinner on the planet and everyone loves them. Well, OM eat the bread, meatballs and cheese separately but @ least I only prepare one thing for everyone. 

Dessert: W requested chocolate cream pie.

Only W and Maya ate it though...I'm on that stinkin' diet and Owen didn't want any. I looked at Woody and said, 'what kid doesn't eat chocolate cream pie?'...

Owen raised his hand and said, 'me!'