Monday, February 25, 2013

All good in the Hood

I spent Saturday blissed out with these lovely friends.
There are a couple more photos I want to add...coming soon.:)

As do birthday celebrations that finally embrace the spirit of the Winter season. :)

Hope you're finding ways to embrace the beauty of February!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


A few shots of Maya's kindergarten year so far.

We had a conference w/ Maya's teachers this week to check in on her development so far.
She's doing awesome of course.:)

My favorite part was when her teacher Alina explained that one morning the children were being very disruptive and noisy during their morning meeting time. 

Alina was frustrated and gave them a somewhat stern talking-to about keeping quiet while others were talking and if they couldn't sit still they could leave the group for a few minutes and then come back when they were calm and ready to participate with the group. 

After she finished her mini-rant Maya sat up straight, gave her a big salute and loud,


So then everyone started laughing, including Alina. :) 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

M swims

Maya's swim class FINALLY got to jump off the diving board last Sunday.
Maya has been wanting to for so long and the day finally arrived.

As she was walking past us she told us she was nervous.

On her first jump she walked very slowly to the end.
She was nervous to jump in without her goggles.
But, she decided since she was all the way out there she may as well jump. 
Plus, her teacher was too far away to tell him she changed her mind.

Her second jump she was still nervous but went about it a bit faster.

Atta girl!

Monday, February 4, 2013


 O decided to participate in the Y hoop program this winter.
Under one condition: Woody would be the coach. 

 (Pre-game talk)

 (O passing. This is a skill that needs improvement. He got hit in the face his first game and got a bloody nose. These photos are from his second game. He got hit in the nose again, except right on the outside so it only bled a little.)

 (Subs coming in; checking out numbers to remember who to cover...also a developing skill:)

 (O on the bench with Rodrigo and Caleb and Woody's co-coach, Anna)

 (I love the kid on the far left, Austin, in this picture)

(Good game Yellow Cobras!)