Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppets, paints, and libraries

Our (other) next door neighbors gave us this puppet theater a couple of years ago and a bag of puppets. Owen is into puppets these days (we've booked a local puppeteer for their birthday party in July) and Maya is into things O is into, so we had fun with this today.

I actually made a mini movie of some of it but lately blogger has been having trouble uploading and processing videos. I've uploaded a couple onto YouTube since I've had problems here so I'll send that link soon. I'll try and upload this one and if it doesn't work here I'll upload to YouTube and send the links to all the videos. 

Then we had snacks...(veggie tortilla chips, pineapple salsa, sour cream [which O eats with a spoon at times] and water)

These photos are of OM playing with some modeling substance G'parents Hinson sent. They loved it. It's not really clay but it's soft and squishy and molds and somehow doesn't make a mess...

We started the day with a little painting project. Acrylic paint. It was our first time and we all decided that acrylic paint stinks, bad. We don't know if it always stinks or if it was due to the fact that I bought two canvasses stretched on a wooden frame, 10 acrylic paints,  and 4 paint brushes for $2.25. It was fun though and then at the end they decided to add some glue too.

And these last photos are from the library. We checked out a book I now love titled Daft Bat. I was intrigued by the title when I saw it and immediately thought of daft punk, the band. It's a great story about looking at the world through someone else's perspective and has all of OM's favorite animals as characters. I recommend it!!

And, I know I've only had my job for a week, but I LOVE it. I had a meeting today with my team and while we have many, many challenges I feel lucky to be at such a great place, with a great group of people and mainly to have scored a job where they're actually going to let me think and add my own ideas. AND I get to still be at home with my babes half the time. Sweet:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I was folding OM's laundry this morning while Maya played with her babies on our bed. Then she started trying on all of O's under-roos and decided to wear this pair for the day:) Such a silly girl.

Owen truly loves to shake his cake and I'm not sure where he got the move (I seem to recall Scotty did it though too) but he usually sticks his booty out to's very entertaining. Now baby sis does the same thing.

Oh and the first day of work went well. I'm still working my way through a lot of OHSU paperwork but I think it will be great. OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) is a very happening place, as it has a medical school, three hospitals (OHSU, Doernbecher Children's Hospital where I interned, and the VA), a nursing school, a dental school, and is heavily research-focused. I'm in the Pediatric Department of Hematology and Oncology (suddenly I felt like capitalizing) and I can feel the energy all around; I like it. The geography is also great (photos soon), as it sits on a hill overlooking the city of Portland and on clear days you can see Mt. Hood and some of the other mountains surrounding our area. It's nice.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tonight after bath time we checked out our garden and decided to pluck some radishes! Everyone was excited about the transformation from seed to radish (which reminds me that Owen showed me the tadpoles today at school and they have tiny legs now..very cool). Woody pulled out a bunch to allow for better growth.

Our next door neighbors have dozens of rose bushes lining the streets (they live on the corner of two streets) and they are blooming so beautifully now and smell wonderful. Maya, the sassy little thing, likes to run full steam ahead down the sidewalk as we scold her not to do so! She thinks it's hilarious to not listen to us. If she wasn't so adorable I'd probably get really mad.

Monday, May 25, 2009

La playa

We went to Canon Beach yesterday. We started off bundled together on the blanket trying to keep warm (me) and trying not to touch ANY of the sand (OM..mostly O). But O stays true to his slogan, 'slow to warm up', and after about 30 minutes he and the sand became best friends. He LOVED the sand and told us repeatedly how cool it was. Yay! 

Star got to come too! She was so happy. 

Woody took them down to the water to look for shells. They were equally intrigued by the horses walking about and the horse poop...

Afterwards we got lunch at my new favorite hamburger joint: Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I was starving but I really do think it was the best hamburger I've had in years. I highly recommend it if you're anywhere near one. Simple menu like In-n-Out and totally kid (& dog) friendly. O was jamming to the "classic vinyl" tunes playing overhead (must have been satellite radio).

I start my new job tomorrow, yay! I hope to keep up the blogging to at least every two to three days. Wish us luck:)

Oh yes, and one more of Maya and her accessories: ALWAYS a baby and also modeling a sun hat and colorful bag:) [And you can kind of see the 1st coat of paint on the front door...]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farmer's Market

It's sunny...I couldn't be happier. And sunny days coupled with free time to work in the yard, paint front doors, work-out, bake rhubarb crumb bars (see Catherine Newman's blog in my list: I substituted whole wheat flour for regular and cut the brown sugar back a bit, oh, and used butter spread for most of the butter good:), and spend lots of family time at the farmer's market (and NOT write papers, study, and read research papers:). Owen sampled almost everything there, danced a jig and he and baby sis shared a orange-rhubarb gelatto. (Michael, if you're reading this, I think of you EVERY time I see and eat gelatto:) 

O and W's ears...

My angel:)

This photo of me and M walking away is here b/c I wanted to comment on how these shorts I'm wearing use to be my dad's jeans, then my jeans, and now my shorts. Levi's are built to last!

Owen drinking lemonade his way...

This is soooo baby sis when she's annoyed:)

Enjoying gelatto...

Hard to believe O got this hat two years ago...