Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tebowing, baking, and other merry making

These cookies are from this recipe at the totally righteous Smitten Kitchen.
Read her description...she's spot on. 

Yes, the rollie pollie cover is done. (After several f-bombs trying to get the zipper sewn in [I seriously do not see the point of the zipper foot...it doesn't do jack squat to help me out getting over the closed zipper part] and stuffing the insert into the blue cover...luckily OM were not within earshot when either of these events were taking place).

But these two little faces continue to keep the season bright!

(And Owen greeted me with a sweet 'thank you so much mom' when he went downstairs this morning and saw he finally had a cover on his bean bag.)


Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas cheer

As I mentioned in the last post, the crafting has been minimal and the sewing has been non-existent. :(

I have high hopes of sewing a new rollie pollie cover for Owen and even possibly one for Maya before Christmas. 

I now realize that there will never be a hour+ chunk of time hanging out there in the ether so I'm just gonna have to find my moments and get done what I can and hopefully the moment-by-moment's will add up to a completed sewing project.

(I read this post about prolific living and I'm incorporating some of the suggestions into my life so that my ideas become reality.)

However, we have completed a couple of small crafty projects.

The first one was for OM's teachers.

Maya's teachers Brianne and Ellie are just the lovliest women and O's teacher, Mr. Reister, is so kind and warm and we feel really grateful that they're under such great care day after day.

I was reading Soulemama and she referred to these mugs she had seen on Design Mom and I knew they were the perfect thing for those sweet teachers.

(And I also think they are way cuter than the Anthropologie version.)

I had bought that giant tin of hot cocoa down there from Costco so we used that to fill the cellophane bags (from Container store)...We made the labels as suggested by Gabrielle and I added a label with directions for making the cocoa.

Woody liked it better without the sketch look so I left the "e" and "r" plain. 

But, I really wish I had made the "r" cup "mr. r" ...oh well, next time!

The Design Mom blog also referred to these adorable snow globes so we decided to make those as well...

First, the normal and silly photos...

Then we painted the lids with some paint I already had.

And then I taped up the photos and shoved them inside the baby jars.
They turned out cute.

Woody shredded some white wood baseboards leftover in the garage for the snow (not pictured).

And lastly I made a bunch of peppermint bark for our neighbors, coworkers, friendly librarians that helped out in my classes, friends, family and teachers.

Super. Duper. Easy. and. Super. Duper. Delicious.

Hope your Christmas crafting is bringing you and yours joy:)