Monday, November 30, 2009

Zoo lights

Last night we went to the Oregon Zoo to check out zoo lights. I've heard about it for years but never imagined it would be so beautiful. These photos do not capture's amazing. It was a cold night but it was dry so we had a great time. Especially on the train. I love seeing Owen so happy, he really loves trains....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

MBH's (aka Uncle Michael) visit

Yay, MBH came to town. Monday was his bday so we went out to breakfast for his first American meal...

Yes, Switzerland (Michael's current place of residence) is a majestic, gorgeous, centrally located European haven surrounded by incomparable natural beauty...but, what, no Target?
Take that S'land, the USA's shiny, glorious contribution to urban sprawl: a bright red, boxy, super store filled with lovely stuff that American's (ahem) need.
We ♥ Target!

Later we made & ate chocolate cake and Michael opened his presents...

Yay, I got a present too (thank's Funny:)! A cute pin cushion (adios tomato!)

Our turkey before and after (clementine salted organic turkey...deeeeelish!!)

Our good buddies, Josie and Mau(ricio)...

Their daughter Jasmine

Anabelle & Jasmine


MBH's last day: we went on a run together.

His last night: we cuddled and played Candyland and memory...

Thanks for coming MBH:)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy TDay!!

This was how fun it was(☝)
...especially because he (☟) was here.

More to come...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

what are you grateful for?

Every night at dinner we say a blessing and afterwards Owen asks what we're grateful for.
Maya usually looks at her plate and lists everything on it as what she's grateful for: "I'm grateful for my apples, for my water and my yogurt."
Woody and I say whatever it was that day that made us grateful but the best person at being grateful is Owen. When we first started doing this last summer he would usually say something material that he had: a new movie from the library, a toy, a game etc. Now he reflects for a moment and says the most endearing things. This week he was grateful for the picture above. One of his classmates went to China for a month and brought back stuffed dogs for everyone. Owen said, "I'm grateful that Mikayla brought me back a little dog." Another time this week he was grateful that Maya was all better and not sick anymore. I love that kid!
Since being grateful and thankful is on everyone's mind this week here's a couple from me:

I'm grateful:
-that my brother is coming to visit for a week tomorrow!
-that I'm going to the 10 o'clock viewing of New Moon tonight
-that I'm making soup and baking bread and apple pie tomorrow
-that I'm getting the heck out of here in a couple weeks to spend time with my lovely family in sunny, glorious Florida
-that OM are my kids and Dubya's my husband
-for anyone reading this:) - thanks!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a bowl full of grits

Yesterday did not start well. Many of you already know this so I'll be concise:

1. Maya had trouble breathing, fever
2. Pediatrician's office too busy to call me back
3. Went to Urgent Care
4. Diagnosis: URI, low oxygen levels and maybe bronchitis
5. Tx: albuterol inhaler with nebulizer, antibiotics

Considering Maya is two-years-old, weighs 25 pounds, and felt like a giant pile of crap yesterday, she was amazingly feisty and determined NOT to inhale the medicine making it  physically very difficult to give to her. So I almost took her to the ER last night but my advice nurse told me that they'd give her the same thing there so I should try at home. We finally managed to get it into her and she fell asleep on Woody's lap.

While she was calmly sleeping I was downstairs playing Candyland with a neglected Owen. And I was starving and stressed and worried and could think of only one thing in the entire world that would be the perfect comfort food for me in that moment. Thankfully I actually had some in the pantry. A little boil of chicken broth and water, a whisk here and there, a dash or three of salt, a few chunks of bleu cheese, and five minutes later I had a hot bowl of creamy, tasty grits.  I heart grits, they're the best!

French toast is a close second and if I'd had the ingredients I probably would have made this (too:)! Holl-a!

Hodgepodge of photos:
First O pulled out his yoga book and busted out some sweet poses and then he moved onto playing with his cars...

Playing the spiderman memory game...

Woody took Owen to a class @ the zoo last Friday. It promised to be an action packed two hours learning about lions, tigers and cheetahs with behind the scenes access. Except it turned out to be a slow-paced, uninformative session led by two elderly women that gave out snacks and had the kids make this craft:

Maya spending time in the bathroom. She spends lots of time in here brushing her teeth and washing her hands...

check out her pearly whites:

Our friends the Stabler's came over and we made these turkey lanterns and ate yummy food...

Eli and Owen...

Maya and the best apron ever:)

Amelia, Eli, O, & M @ the kiddy table...

P.S. Maya is totally fine now. She had a follow-up appt. with her regular pediatrician today who happily (and apologetically) gave me his direct line and assured me it was a-OK to call him next time I had an urgent matter. Her breathing is perfect, fever is gone and our sassy little thing is back to bringing it full force...yay:)