Sunday, November 29, 2009

MBH's (aka Uncle Michael) visit

Yay, MBH came to town. Monday was his bday so we went out to breakfast for his first American meal...

Yes, Switzerland (Michael's current place of residence) is a majestic, gorgeous, centrally located European haven surrounded by incomparable natural beauty...but, what, no Target?
Take that S'land, the USA's shiny, glorious contribution to urban sprawl: a bright red, boxy, super store filled with lovely stuff that American's (ahem) need.
We ♥ Target!

Later we made & ate chocolate cake and Michael opened his presents...

Yay, I got a present too (thank's Funny:)! A cute pin cushion (adios tomato!)

Our turkey before and after (clementine salted organic turkey...deeeeelish!!)

Our good buddies, Josie and Mau(ricio)...

Their daughter Jasmine

Anabelle & Jasmine


MBH's last day: we went on a run together.

His last night: we cuddled and played Candyland and memory...

Thanks for coming MBH:)

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