Wednesday, September 30, 2009

miscellaneous Canada

The 2010 Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver and Whistler so we were bombarded with Olympic paraphernalia during our trip. These are all the mascots: muk muk, quatchi, miga and sumi.

One little muk muk came home with us.

Owen's souvenir's were snakes from the toy store.

The rest from our trip:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandma Smith

Grandma Ginger and Grandpa Bart came up to Oregon for a visit this weekend so we spent a lot of time with cousins Brook & AJ (& Aunt Elee & Uncle Aleck).

Ginger made these shirts for Maya & Brook that have a picture of her mother, their great-grandmother Grandma Smith, in Galveston, Texas in the 1940s.

Maya didn't want to take hers off. She's also decided to drop the formality with G'ma Ginger and just call her Ginger. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ice cream, gaming & swimming

we went to this place in town called Cows, twice, for yummy, melty, sticky ice cream.

and we went to the pool every day. maya would push the elevator button to go down and Owen would push the button in the elevator to the floor destination. they were very courteous to each other about who pushed which button.

the pool and slide:

the game room:

owen and I got slightly addicted to this house of the dead game. (I know, great mother letting her four-year-old son shoot dead zombies coming at us with hatchets that turned the screen blood red..shoot)

maya's favorite was this weird donkey ride. (the donkey was weird, not the ride part)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Vancouver Aquarium

For the sea creature fanatic in the family, Owee, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium down in Vancouver. You get to take this sea to sky highway between Whistler and Vancouver and while some might call it beautiful, Maya would call in vomit-inducing, as she purged her system clean on the way back up. Poor Maya, her little belly just can't handle windy roads.

This is her checking out a sea lion, a hungry sea lion that kept jumping out of the water to see if his food was ready. Very entertaining...

O and dad checking out the map. Owen loves maps and always consults them when we go anywhere.

Inside the aquarium they had clownfish cove, a specially designed place for kids. Thank goodness! Maya's love for sea creatures isn't as steady as Owen's so she was kind of bored.

She really liked poking the starfish.

Owen tried it but didn't really like getting his hands all wet...

He did like this thing though...

this is where we ate our overpriced, not all-that-delicious wall art though...

this is where the baby beluga's live. did you know baby beluga's are grey (there were two 3-month-old's in the pool that day) and they turn white as they grow? I thought they were dolphins at first. Silly mommy...

The aquarium is in Stanley Park so we cruised around there after our visit...