Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am bursting with food fondness for multiple delectable dishes I've had the pleasure of enjoying lately so I just must share.

(Stevie Nicks rules and this clip relates to our little food topic b/c I read about it @ Orangette)

I'm not sharing tonight's dish because it was super simple (penne w/ pesto) but the wholly satisfying part about it was that the pesto came from a batch I whipped up last summer when the basil was abundant and verdant and made the whole house smell like fresh heaven. I froze it and kinda forgot about it 'til yesterday when I placed it in the (recently spring-cleaned) fridge to thaw. And it was extra satisfying because we were driving home around 6 after going to the movies (a little slow but super sweet as usual Studio Ghibli) and I was thisclose to driving to Chipotle since everyone was starving and not in the mood to wait. But, then I remembered the bright green pesto waiting to be devoured and called an audible...pesto it would be. Touchdown peeps...touchdown!

Almost all my food gushing comes from that cookbook right there: Super Natural Everyday by Heidi Swanson

I cannot get enough of it.

(just in case you wanted to see our indoor compost bucket)

(the recipe called for fingerlings but I bought nutrient-dense purple potatoes instead)


These are two bad pictures of a surprisingly delicious soup: roasted garlic and beet.
Woody and I both refrain from eating beets but we decided to give it a try. 

Full disclosure: we were on a 3-week cleanse/detox and had to eat it. 
On Day Two, after eating a humongous, ho-hum salad for lunch I texted Woody:

Me: Are you starving?
Woody: And nauseous.

So, we lasted 2.5 days. 
Oh well.

But now we're fans, well supporters, of the dirt-tasting beet (which loses a lot of the dirt flavor when you roast it).

That photo below is another meal we had on our cleanse. We liked it. I substituted sweet potato for delicata, as the sweet potato was local and the delicata was international. :)

OK, but back to Heidi.
Last night we made this. Shut the front door! So good.

My main alteration was I added fresh ginger to the onion-garlic-coconut oil mixture.
Woody had made a simple ginger syrup for a cocktail he was whipping up and had some leftover. I would do that again. I also pan-fried the paneer in the same pan I made the curry brown butter...would mos def do that again too.

This cauliflower soup of hers was on heavy rotation in January and February. (It's in the cookbook but not on her my link goes to a different blog but with the recipe we used).

I also made these carnival cookies for a work potluck. Sugar, flour, butter, and egg-free. But so good. And they have popcorn in them...weird I know, but just right. I used this popcorn and brought the rest of the bag to the potluck. Big hit. That's good stuff.

OK, Food 52 is new to me but I'm really liking it.
I've made this granola a half a dozen times and it seems to be a keeper. I usually make my granola with butter but the recipe calls for, wait for it (Maya says this all the time, I just had to throw it in here), olive oil. A modern take on an old-school recipe.

I don't add the brown sugar (half a cup) and it is plenty sweet. We eat it with plain organic yogurt (from TJ's). Woody usually eats cereal for breakfast but he prefers this because instead of being starving by 10am after eating a bowl of Puffins, he remains satiated right on through to a proper lunch hour.
Gotta keep your man full. :) 

p.s. OM generally don't eat a bite of any of this. O is open to tasting new things but usually doesn't like what we eat (tho, I made a giant pot of pinto beans this week and made him a burrito that he took down..I wouldn't have touched a pinto bean with a 10 foot pole when I was his age...way to go O!). Anyway, they eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches for dinner...I have high hopes that they'll expand their culinary horizons sooner than later.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

guess what?

The sun was out again today.


So we soaked up a whole lot of it...

 (snacking on this cake)

We hope you got out in some sunshine today too!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

c'mon spring

Spring, spring, spring...
Today we had a true spring day.

This was yesterday morning...(O's school was on 2-hour delay b/c of this)

back to today...

Please, please stay spring. 
Just stay.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

23 and 1/2 hours

If you're interested in living longer (you know you are) then watch this. 
It's 9-ish minutes.

Friday, March 16, 2012

you reap what you sow

(one of Maira Kalman's illustrations of the updated Food Rules)

[Maya came up to me last night while I was on the computer to show me her "book" that she had "written and illustrated" herself. It was a tiny sheet of paper from one of her memo pads she uses to take orders for her restaurant. She had written letters and drawn a picture so save for the fact that it was only one sheet she had technically written and illustrated a book.]

This phrase has come up over and over again in my life this past week. 
I think it's trying to tell me something.
There are so many directions I can go thinking about it but for this little space I thought I would share some food-related interpretations. (I'm up to my eye-balls in grading papers and finishing the term so food is what I eat, sleep and speak about these days). 

Plus, we have grand plans again for our 2012 garden so we will literally being sowing seeds here pretty soon.

Alright, so the mighty Michael Pollan had one of his (very brief) talks turned into a Stop Motion Animation about our food system:
Michael Pollan's Food Rules from Marija Jacimovic on Vimeo.

This is a trailer for End of the Line about the sustainability of the fishing industry:

This is a new book by Dan Imhoff about the 2012 Farm Bill that I'm hoping my department will buy so I can read and use it in my classes.
Apparently it is also beautifully illustrated.

This week in class we talked about how to be an engaged citizen.
Sow some goodness into this Farm Bill. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hi and Love Sunflower seed cards

(you can listen to the lovely Esperanza Spalding performance from the Oscars)

I was over at the Write Start blog and read this post and was immediately onboard with that sweet idea.

It actually got me all sentimental thinking about our wedding invitations that had a similar feature. 
The invitations were made out of handmade paper with flower seeds embedded. 
The invitees could rip off the vellum overlay (sealed with a wax heart) for the pertinent details and plant the paper part to grow some wild flowers.

My grandmother was the only one that gave me any feedback on those invites...she told me hers grew into peppers and I should ask for my money back. 
Ahhh Grandmommy. :)

So, I totally can't pass up a wedding memory moment and not post a picture from the big day.

OK, back to the cards.
Grandpa Bart's birthday was coming up so we decided to make the cards for him.

This is the inside of Owen's...

The inside of Maya's...

We taped the seed bag to a popsicle stick and to the back of the card (as instructed) as garden markers. 
Although, sunflowers really need no explanation.

we recently made crackers for the first time. 
They were a hit!

Goldfish crackers actually. 
(Ours weren't vegan, we used real butter.)

Except I didn't have a goldfish cookie cutter.

So I was originally going to do all "m's" "o's" and "w's" but that was way too tedious @ 4:45pm on a school/workday so we fished some hearts, dragonfly's, and dog bones out of the cookie cutter bag to expedite the process.

Maya working on her homework...

And Owen working on his...

Owen reading Maya a story (also part of his homework)...

Me and Moo on my birthday...

My gluten-free ice cream cake...

My super sweet sister sent me some tea for my bday.
Each bag of tea came in those boxes there (one in each box). 
The small box could have easily held 10 boxes of tea.

You might want to look up "sustainability" again FRONTIER.