Friday, March 16, 2012

you reap what you sow

(one of Maira Kalman's illustrations of the updated Food Rules)

[Maya came up to me last night while I was on the computer to show me her "book" that she had "written and illustrated" herself. It was a tiny sheet of paper from one of her memo pads she uses to take orders for her restaurant. She had written letters and drawn a picture so save for the fact that it was only one sheet she had technically written and illustrated a book.]

This phrase has come up over and over again in my life this past week. 
I think it's trying to tell me something.
There are so many directions I can go thinking about it but for this little space I thought I would share some food-related interpretations. (I'm up to my eye-balls in grading papers and finishing the term so food is what I eat, sleep and speak about these days). 

Plus, we have grand plans again for our 2012 garden so we will literally being sowing seeds here pretty soon.

Alright, so the mighty Michael Pollan had one of his (very brief) talks turned into a Stop Motion Animation about our food system:
Michael Pollan's Food Rules from Marija Jacimovic on Vimeo.

This is a trailer for End of the Line about the sustainability of the fishing industry:

This is a new book by Dan Imhoff about the 2012 Farm Bill that I'm hoping my department will buy so I can read and use it in my classes.
Apparently it is also beautifully illustrated.

This week in class we talked about how to be an engaged citizen.
Sow some goodness into this Farm Bill. 

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