Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wooooooo hoooooo, back to part-time!

this is exactly how I feel now that I'm back to part-time!! yay!

today we went to one of my favorite places in portland, the rose garden (not the place where the blazers play, the real rose garden, w/ actual roses).

we sniffed our way through and owen declared, rather loudly, that many of the roses smelled like boogers. five-year-old humor, nice.

a couple of pre-party shots...

and a couple of post-party shots. maya was in her 4th wardrobe change and TUCKERED.

her new favorite thing, mermaid barbie.

the day after maya's party she went to her first bday party w/out owen. a friend from her class invited her to pump-it-up-jr. (which she loved) and of course brought mermaid w/ her. ♥♥