Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Owee's rollie pollie

Ta Da! 
Owen's birthday present: the rollie pollie!!

Remember this fabric I bought at IKEA:

(this is the one action shot I have: sewing the round part onto the body):

(this is the insert I sewed first. it's the exact same pattern except it's just plain white fabric filled with...)

I didn't use any of the suggestions Dana from Made had. Instead I ordered my foam from these guys:

*super awesome experience (read: easy) and FREE shipping*

After OM, this is my proudest achievement. I think I could even sell one of these puppies. It's store-quality baby. Although, I'm sure my first customer would be pissed when he/she returned home and noticed all of my blatantly funky human-quality stitches (& not super-straight, computerized stitches) and that the seams were zig-zagged (& not serged)...but, I'm pleased!

Even my spectacularly difficult-to-impress-with-my-sewing-skills husband remarked about how professional it looked!

But, what did Owen think?

See below:)

(oooo, I forgot! I made a label too:)

And, maya got owen a full brave knight costume. he's wanted one so bad; he was so happy to get it, it was very sweet:)

Now Maya wants one (rollie pollie) so I'm back to the sewing machine:)

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