Monday, March 28, 2011

spring break '11 - the road trip

The day (Friday, the 18th) we arrived in Willits this was what was waiting for us...

Sunday we left OM w/ their dear gparents and headed to SF for brunch...

a rainbow to signal a break in the weather...

Woody in Fort Mason where we had brunch...

remnants of our delicious fresh juice (I had mine mixed w/ champagne:)

Woody and I ended our first day in Morro Bay w/ a lovely sunset...

Monday (after I enjoyed a sea salt scrub and aromatherapy massage in Morro Bay) we drove down to San Diego...

Our lunch stop in Santa Barbara...I don't eat meat much but I housed my #2 in about 3 minutes. In-n-Out Rules!!

Tuesday we drove out to Lakeside where I spent formative years of my life...

Our old house (fancy, they have a gardener!)

Wendesday we drove back to SLO...

And Friday, back to Willits...

Where there was fresh snow waiting for us...

and these precious souls.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

showing signs of age


Not my backpack.

I've had this bum shoulder for almost a year now and while chiropractic adjustments do wonders, they fit in neither my schedule or budget. 

So, I'm using a backpack instead of a purse. This particular backpack was a gift from MBH and Carrie Sue back in my Peace Corps days (1999-2001). It's working well, tho I feel like a big nerd using it. I can't think of an alternative though. 

Last week I had my first eye exam in 12 years and during that time frame my computer and reading vision has blurred. So he wrote me a prescription for glasses. I'm actually excited about that sign of age. I've always wanted glasses. 

I'm still running though. 
Tomorrow is the Shamrock run. I'm doing the 15k...
It's a tough 9.32 miles, uphill for over half of it:

My playlist:

Things Have Changed - Bob Dylan
If I should Fall from Grace from God - The Pogues
What's my Name - Rihanna & Drake
Add it Up - Violent Femmes
Shake me Down - CAge the Elephant
Billie Jean - MJ
Rock & Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
When I get you Alone - Thicke
Firework - Katie Perry
Black Betty - Ram Jam
Everybody got their something - Nikka Costa
Butterfly - Crazy Town
Fire in Cairo - the Cure
Remote Control - BB
Last name - CUnderwood
9th wonder - Digable Planets
Raspberry Beret - Prince
This Charming Man - the Smiths
Eleanor - Low Millions
What a Life - Juliana hatfield
Ligtening Strikes the Postman - Flaming Lips
Finish Line - FanFarlo
Island in the Sun - Weezer

Hopefully that gets me through it. 
Incidentally, unless the sun decides to blaze down on us tomorrow, I'll be wearing running pants that MBH bought me for Christmas in 1997. (Good gifts guys...they definitely keep on giving:)

Off to go carbo load w/ a vegetarian fajita bowl from Chipotle...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

from my Inbox today

Subject: Mom I got a little aewe (ow-ie)

Dear Mom,
I am ok. But, I have four aewe's (scrapes/ou-ies). I was running, my shoe fell off and I fell. My hands and knees got scrapes. I miss you.
Love, Owen

Best email ever.
His teacher told me he wanted to call me after the big incident but she proposed an email instead. So sweet on every level. 

Monday Owen and his classmates celebrated their 100th day of kindergarten:

And some Anglina Ballerina inspired dance moves...