Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Card Outtakes

Shortly after we moved in, one of Woody's colleagues donated us a basketball hoop. 

She and her husband had just bought a new house and had no need for the hoop so we were the lucky ones to receive it (those babies are pricey!)

My sweet husband spent a weekend becoming an expert cement mixer, hole digger and leveler to get that monstrous hoop perfectly into the ground. 

So, I knew I wanted it to be part of our Christmas photo. 

At first we were going to do a staged action photo like this:

but decided that looked weird so we just played around and my friend Stephanie just kept snapping photos…

We ended up with this one:

Here's what else we did:

Maya's never been a big basketball fan but they've started playing it more in P.E.

She came home the other day and told me she had "drained" all her shots.

Sweet girl. :)

Past Christmas card outtakes:

2011 photos (hmmm, can't find them! maybe didn't do it that year)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014 Jog-a-thon


It's been awhile. 

3 months according to the date on my last post. 

I've had a million things to share and have day dreamed about getting this thing going again but 
blah, blah, blah…who cares. 

Here I am. :)

Wasn't sure where to start off but I was cleaning up my desktop tonight and saw these awesome jog-a-thon photos and thought I'd start there. 

So, remember last year when I posted some photos and regretted taking on the mighty tee shirt order for the entire school (students, teachers, staff…ya know, the principal, counselor, janitors, kitchen crew, etc.) ??

Well, of course I said yes again. 

But this time it was one thousand times easier because I found a local family that makes tee shirts as a side business and that made all the difference. They told me they could fix any potential problem and to relax and so I did and didn't lose one wink of sleep. 

It was great.

OM rocked the Jog-a-thon which is their schools largets fundraiser. 

Maya came in 2nd for her grade. Almost her entire soccer team was up on the stage for awards day…six of the seven girls on her team came in 1st (two of them), 2nd (three of them) and 3rd (one of them). It was cute.

O did awesome too but some of those 4th grade boys can R.U.N. 
No medal for him but he hustled as well.

Please enjoy...

(My's 2nd grade class with the school mascot)

(O and his best buddy Dillon)

Thanks for supporting my little runners…we all appreciate it!!