Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Card Outtakes

Shortly after we moved in, one of Woody's colleagues donated us a basketball hoop. 

She and her husband had just bought a new house and had no need for the hoop so we were the lucky ones to receive it (those babies are pricey!)

My sweet husband spent a weekend becoming an expert cement mixer, hole digger and leveler to get that monstrous hoop perfectly into the ground. 

So, I knew I wanted it to be part of our Christmas photo. 

At first we were going to do a staged action photo like this:

but decided that looked weird so we just played around and my friend Stephanie just kept snapping photos…

We ended up with this one:

Here's what else we did:

Maya's never been a big basketball fan but they've started playing it more in P.E.

She came home the other day and told me she had "drained" all her shots.

Sweet girl. :)

Past Christmas card outtakes:

2011 photos (hmmm, can't find them! maybe didn't do it that year)

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