Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hi and Love Sunflower seed cards

(you can listen to the lovely Esperanza Spalding performance from the Oscars)

I was over at the Write Start blog and read this post and was immediately onboard with that sweet idea.

It actually got me all sentimental thinking about our wedding invitations that had a similar feature. 
The invitations were made out of handmade paper with flower seeds embedded. 
The invitees could rip off the vellum overlay (sealed with a wax heart) for the pertinent details and plant the paper part to grow some wild flowers.

My grandmother was the only one that gave me any feedback on those invites...she told me hers grew into peppers and I should ask for my money back. 
Ahhh Grandmommy. :)

So, I totally can't pass up a wedding memory moment and not post a picture from the big day.

OK, back to the cards.
Grandpa Bart's birthday was coming up so we decided to make the cards for him.

This is the inside of Owen's...

The inside of Maya's...

We taped the seed bag to a popsicle stick and to the back of the card (as instructed) as garden markers. 
Although, sunflowers really need no explanation.

we recently made crackers for the first time. 
They were a hit!

Goldfish crackers actually. 
(Ours weren't vegan, we used real butter.)

Except I didn't have a goldfish cookie cutter.

So I was originally going to do all "m's" "o's" and "w's" but that was way too tedious @ 4:45pm on a school/workday so we fished some hearts, dragonfly's, and dog bones out of the cookie cutter bag to expedite the process.

Maya working on her homework...

And Owen working on his...

Owen reading Maya a story (also part of his homework)...

Me and Moo on my birthday...

My gluten-free ice cream cake...

My super sweet sister sent me some tea for my bday.
Each bag of tea came in those boxes there (one in each box). 
The small box could have easily held 10 boxes of tea.

You might want to look up "sustainability" again FRONTIER.

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