Saturday, November 21, 2009

what are you grateful for?

Every night at dinner we say a blessing and afterwards Owen asks what we're grateful for.
Maya usually looks at her plate and lists everything on it as what she's grateful for: "I'm grateful for my apples, for my water and my yogurt."
Woody and I say whatever it was that day that made us grateful but the best person at being grateful is Owen. When we first started doing this last summer he would usually say something material that he had: a new movie from the library, a toy, a game etc. Now he reflects for a moment and says the most endearing things. This week he was grateful for the picture above. One of his classmates went to China for a month and brought back stuffed dogs for everyone. Owen said, "I'm grateful that Mikayla brought me back a little dog." Another time this week he was grateful that Maya was all better and not sick anymore. I love that kid!
Since being grateful and thankful is on everyone's mind this week here's a couple from me:

I'm grateful:
-that my brother is coming to visit for a week tomorrow!
-that I'm going to the 10 o'clock viewing of New Moon tonight
-that I'm making soup and baking bread and apple pie tomorrow
-that I'm getting the heck out of here in a couple weeks to spend time with my lovely family in sunny, glorious Florida
-that OM are my kids and Dubya's my husband
-for anyone reading this:) - thanks!!

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