Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a bowl full of grits

Yesterday did not start well. Many of you already know this so I'll be concise:

1. Maya had trouble breathing, fever
2. Pediatrician's office too busy to call me back
3. Went to Urgent Care
4. Diagnosis: URI, low oxygen levels and maybe bronchitis
5. Tx: albuterol inhaler with nebulizer, antibiotics

Considering Maya is two-years-old, weighs 25 pounds, and felt like a giant pile of crap yesterday, she was amazingly feisty and determined NOT to inhale the medicine making it  physically very difficult to give to her. So I almost took her to the ER last night but my advice nurse told me that they'd give her the same thing there so I should try at home. We finally managed to get it into her and she fell asleep on Woody's lap.

While she was calmly sleeping I was downstairs playing Candyland with a neglected Owen. And I was starving and stressed and worried and could think of only one thing in the entire world that would be the perfect comfort food for me in that moment. Thankfully I actually had some in the pantry. A little boil of chicken broth and water, a whisk here and there, a dash or three of salt, a few chunks of bleu cheese, and five minutes later I had a hot bowl of creamy, tasty grits.  I heart grits, they're the best!

French toast is a close second and if I'd had the ingredients I probably would have made this (too:)! Holl-a!

Hodgepodge of photos:
First O pulled out his yoga book and busted out some sweet poses and then he moved onto playing with his cars...

Playing the spiderman memory game...

Woody took Owen to a class @ the zoo last Friday. It promised to be an action packed two hours learning about lions, tigers and cheetahs with behind the scenes access. Except it turned out to be a slow-paced, uninformative session led by two elderly women that gave out snacks and had the kids make this craft:

Maya spending time in the bathroom. She spends lots of time in here brushing her teeth and washing her hands...

check out her pearly whites:

Our friends the Stabler's came over and we made these turkey lanterns and ate yummy food...

Eli and Owen...

Maya and the best apron ever:)

Amelia, Eli, O, & M @ the kiddy table...

P.S. Maya is totally fine now. She had a follow-up appt. with her regular pediatrician today who happily (and apologetically) gave me his direct line and assured me it was a-OK to call him next time I had an urgent matter. Her breathing is perfect, fever is gone and our sassy little thing is back to bringing it full force...yay:)

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