Sunday, December 4, 2011

the best...

Woody was out of town for a couple nights this week so instead of sleeping cozily in my bed as I usually do when he's home, I stayed up long hours catching up on every single TV show taped on the DVR. 

The very best thing I watched was the season finale of The Sing Off.
I smiled ear to ear the entire show. 
I'm now a Nick Lachey fan...he has a really nice voice, who knew?
I love, love, love all of the judges, especially my dear, dear Ben Folds who has been rocking my suburbs for a very long time. 

 And the best thing I've ever seen on the internet is Kevin's audition video (he's in the group Pentatonix). 
This blows me away:
Who knew the cello could be so happenin'? And I'm the proud owner of an Uncommon Ritual CD.

I also watched 4 episdoes of Glee and this 
Adele mashup totally knocks my socks off:

Luckily I've been sick this week. I say luckily because whenever I have a large amount of phlegm in my lungs and throat I can sing a lot better. I can hold high notes longer and hit lower registers that I can't normally. It's awesome:)

All this music inspiration has had me singing my heart out.

I've also been drinking massive amounts of ginger tea to heal the soreness:

The best Ginger tea recipe 
(a must to get thru the long winter months):

Peel and slice a nice long chunk of fresh ginger.
Fill a small saucepan with ~two cups of water; add ginger.
Boil and then simmer for 10-15 minutes...the longer the more intense the ginger-ness.
Pour into a cute mug (strain out the ginger) and add a nice big squirt of lemon juice and a touch of honey (raw & organic).

I also read this really reflective post about creativity that I can relate to, not with photography, but with food and my health class. I'm trying to put more ideas on paper and not just leave them in my head. I'm realizing that these bursts of inspiration tend to happen to me while I'm in bed or in the shower and nowhere near a pen and paper. I'll have to make some adjustments.

And, back to music. After reading this post @ NPR I cannot get this song out of my head either. I put it on my Christmas wish list.
(Video for mature audiences only:)

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