Thursday, December 15, 2011

feed the one you love

Hey peeps! How's it going?

I submitted my grades today so Fall Term 2011 is all wrapped up...wooooo hoooo!

I have a feeling this feeling of completion will come to a screeching halt in the next few days when the students that received a big fat "F" email me, whining about why. Brother, kids these days...

Meanwhile, my sewing machine gathers dust but that doesn't mean I haven't been handmaking some little gifts this season. 
Very little - but still.
That post will have to wait though.

Right now I have to tell you about this mouth-watering salmon recipe I have.

It's from that cookbook down there, Feeding the Whole Family.
The recipe is the one above.

It rules.
I made it last week and was going to blog about it then but was too knee-deep in grading to get around to it.

But I was @ New Season's today and the wild-caught Alaskan Chinook was on sale and I knew the fridge was filled with all I needed to marinate it and I decided I just had to blog about it this time.

Here's why. 
I'm pretty darn sure that it's nights like these...when my love comes home from a long day of work and I slide this plate of lovliness in front of him that he thinks, wow, I sure am glad I married her. 

However, this recipe does not feed a crowd.

Salmon plucked from the icy cold Alaskan waters are the only way to go and those babies are pricey.

Although, my fishmonger told me today that they sometimes buy salmon from the local tribes here in Oregon and their fishing practices are sustainable too.

But as a general rule, only Alaskan will do.

So feed the one you love with this one.
The one you snuggle up with every night.
They're gonna love it...

Oh, and sip one of these while you're at it...mmmmmmm.

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