Monday, May 25, 2009

La playa

We went to Canon Beach yesterday. We started off bundled together on the blanket trying to keep warm (me) and trying not to touch ANY of the sand (OM..mostly O). But O stays true to his slogan, 'slow to warm up', and after about 30 minutes he and the sand became best friends. He LOVED the sand and told us repeatedly how cool it was. Yay! 

Star got to come too! She was so happy. 

Woody took them down to the water to look for shells. They were equally intrigued by the horses walking about and the horse poop...

Afterwards we got lunch at my new favorite hamburger joint: Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I was starving but I really do think it was the best hamburger I've had in years. I highly recommend it if you're anywhere near one. Simple menu like In-n-Out and totally kid (& dog) friendly. O was jamming to the "classic vinyl" tunes playing overhead (must have been satellite radio).

I start my new job tomorrow, yay! I hope to keep up the blogging to at least every two to three days. Wish us luck:)

Oh yes, and one more of Maya and her accessories: ALWAYS a baby and also modeling a sun hat and colorful bag:) [And you can kind of see the 1st coat of paint on the front door...]


Kathy said...

I just have to say you guys are the cutest...I love reading these and I've told you, I'm learning that Owen and Ryan have so many similarities. From your recent posts, one of Ryan's favorite words is also awesome...Ryan also has red converse, and Ryan REALLY wanted green Crocs. He had to settle for blue since they didn't have green, but all too funny. We love you guys!

Kristen said...

I think Ryan & Owen would get along great...after they ignored each other for half a day or so:) I am pining for a trip to S.D...hopefully soon they'll get a chance to hang out:)