Monday, May 11, 2009

Our growing garden

Yahoo!  This big, hideous eye sore is now out of our yard.  Well, mostly (see third photo below). We still have to get the roots out but half of the hard part is over.  I started working on it, limb by limb and then Woody took over (I was doing it wrong:) and wrestled the whole thing out.  I can't wait to get rid of the roots and plant some roses and hydrangeas and maybe bamboo and more garden vegetables.  

Owen totally got into it and went inside, upstairs to his room (he usually doesn't like to go up there without us if we're outside but he was so pumped) and got his hard hat and some of his tools to help Woody pull it out.  It was so fun.

See? Just roots, no bush!!:)

Woody and Owen transplanted the little pots we had started into the garden.  They're mostly radishes but some pole beans and flowers should be in there too.

We're all digging the gardening.  OM both love to water and Owen has been getting down and dirty more and more.  Hopefully this weekend we'll get some tomato plants and peppers and maybe some cucumbers.  
Owen and the azaleas.  

Playing ball.  I made a mini movie that I will upload tomorrow.  
Star frolicking in the glorious sunshine too.

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