Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Target Pharmacy

We've been spending a lot of time @ the Target pharmacy lately. 

Maya started a 10-day regimen today but thankfully Owen is finishing his. Maya has an ear infection and I had hoped to give her what I picked up the last time I was @ the pharmacy, which was Robitussin w/ codeine (to help Owen sleep) but she's too small:( Hopefully tonight she'll finally sleep solidly.

Anyway, mostly they've been helpful.  Today I would have been amused, if I wasn't so annoyed, with the young, male, 20-something pharmacist assistant. I walk up with two children under four and a prescription for Amoxicillin and instead of politely, even eagerly telling me it would be ready in a jiff, he asked when I wanted to come back and pick it up. Really? Umm, how 'bout right this second, thanks.

The photo below is of them doing their med shots together. Now that it's part of their daily routine (maya has been getting tylenol and ibuprofen fairly regularly) they suck it right down.  

This is it tho!!  Subsequent blog posts will have NOTHING (please, please, please) to do with illness, meds, pharmacies, doctors..nada!  Only cool stuff about how cool they are:)  

Today I asked Owen what he was getting me for mother's day and he told me lots of chocolates and added, "and I'm going to eat them with you."

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