Thursday, May 21, 2009

Potty time

So far we haven't had many times where sitting on the potty actually resulted in an empty bladder, but she does enjoy her time there and likes to read books as she sees her big brother do.

Getting on hats and shoes to visit with some friends...Maya usually brings at least one of her babies with her.  

Holding hands.  I don't even ask, they just do it:)

OM helped me tape up paint samples for the front door.  Initially I wanted to replace it but I didn't like my options and decided reducing and reusing would be better for us anyway.  I saw a cool design magazine that had a beautiful room with a door made out of drift wood and decided our front door, with it's carved out designs, might look great painted a drift wood color and with replaced hardware.  

My friend Debi gave me a good idea for bath time.  From time to time she takes out all of the regular bath toys and gives her kids kitchen gadgets.  So I gave them whisks, chop sticks, the garlic press, the gravy ladle, turkey baster etc. Owen told me over and over how great the new toys were.  Thanks Debi:)

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