Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paint job

Still no easel.  I think I called on inspiration from both a post I'd seen on my friend's (awesome) blog (Yo-Yo Reggio) and my experiences in high school as a publicity officer. Ahh, now I'm recalling our campaign speech/rap:  

Kristen & Bree for pub-li-ci-tee,
if you like our signs and you think they're RAD, 
we'll be the greatest publicizers you've ever had:)

Anyway, the long roll worked and even inspired Owen in an unexpected way.

I used these (see above) olive oil spray cans from the grill to hold down the paper but O had a different idea for them...  

After he would paint he would spray it and watch it sort of bubble up and then dissolve the paint. He went thru both cans, happily spraying every inch of the paper. 

Then they intently washed all the paint brushes and liked watching the water change colors.

OM enjoying the popsicles we made.

Owen had his in a bowl b/c it didn't come out of the mold very well.

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MercerGirl said...

ah! I can sing that song word for word, STILL!!! Love the idea, isn't it funny how things in our past can be of so much use to us as parents. It reminds us to use our imaginations. Looks like you guys are enjoying many fun days and a good amount of sunshine. Wish the kids could paint together.