Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I was folding OM's laundry this morning while Maya played with her babies on our bed. Then she started trying on all of O's under-roos and decided to wear this pair for the day:) Such a silly girl.

Owen truly loves to shake his cake and I'm not sure where he got the move (I seem to recall Scotty did it though too) but he usually sticks his booty out to's very entertaining. Now baby sis does the same thing.

Oh and the first day of work went well. I'm still working my way through a lot of OHSU paperwork but I think it will be great. OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) is a very happening place, as it has a medical school, three hospitals (OHSU, Doernbecher Children's Hospital where I interned, and the VA), a nursing school, a dental school, and is heavily research-focused. I'm in the Pediatric Department of Hematology and Oncology (suddenly I felt like capitalizing) and I can feel the energy all around; I like it. The geography is also great (photos soon), as it sits on a hill overlooking the city of Portland and on clear days you can see Mt. Hood and some of the other mountains surrounding our area. It's nice.

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