Sunday, May 3, 2009

Out of this world

Team Myklebust is back!  Woo Hoo!!

To celebrate we went to a birthday party for one of Owen's friends from school (Scott, who we went to the zoo with last week). It was at Out of this world pizza and play in Hillsboro where we use to live. It was so nice to see Owen running around and having a good time. He needed some time to warm up to the place, but once he did he loved it.

The pictures didn't turn out great (I took a lot!) because it was pretty dark in there and I couldn't find a good setting on my camera. Anyway, here's a few from our day.

And this one is from last night. Woody and Maya were still feeling kinda bad last night so we actually had to miss a different bday pizza party:(  Here's hoping May is kinder to us in regards to our health...

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