Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knock knock...who's there?

Lately I'm having trouble focusing my thoughts. I feel my brain is moving in a million different directions and I cannot keep up. I haven't been blogging as much, not b/c I don't have time, but b/c I don't know where to start, or go, or finish. 

And it's with everything.

At night I literally have a stack of books on the night-stand that I'm eager to read equally and I can't decide which one to choose. At dinner I have lists of recipes I want to try and I can't prioritize. So I make scrambled eggs. (Hmmm...could be a major metaphor for my life right now)...

Regarding OM: I'll be thinking about how Owen is really into the I Spy books and the Highlights magazine "find the hidden objects" and want to go somewhere with that and then my brain will block and start thinking of Maya and how she seems to have an easier time than Owen with everything. 

We were playing w/ a puzzle today and O was struggling trying to pull a piece out, and then M grabbed it and pulled it right out.

Then she had no trouble putting them back in (O did) and she easily takes off her clothes, puts on her shoes, uses scissors..all things that for Owen have always been challenging..or not worth the time to figure out maybe. 

She just doesn't seem to get stuck like he I do. O and I are so similar:) 

I think b/c of the free time I have now I want to do so much. I want to learn how to play grandaddy's guitar, use a sewing machine, make popovers, and read a book cover-to-cover in the minutes I have between then and my next idea.

Maybe I have attention deficit disorder. Just kidding. I actually had my thyroid checked again and I'm abnormally low so he's increasing the dose and hopefully my concentration will improve (thyroid regulates that)..fingers crossed. But if anyone has any suggestions on how to actually do all the things life is calling you to do I'd love to hear them. 

After giving birth to Owen (and before owning an Ipod) I would run to Gwen Stefani's record, love, angel, music, baby and would always ponder her mantra..'what you waiting for?'  I've got a list and I need to get to it! 

So, Let's do this thing! (Ratatouille is the BEST movie:)

Oh, I had to go to a training at work today so W worked from home and set up this workspace for everyone. They were all so productive: puppets, stickers, colorings, snacks. I can just imagine them all there at the table happily working together. 

Long entry I know, but one more thing.  I picked Maya up from school yesterday and one of her teachers eagerly exclaimed that Maya had told her a knock knock joke (she learns them from Owen). She use to go from 'knock knock' straight to the punch line but now she can almost do the whole thing. :) 

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