Sunday, June 7, 2009

The water heater box, bedtime stories & Uncle Fred...

This is the box that our water heater came in. The plumber offered it to us and we happily accepted. It has provided hours of entertainment for you will see. It was a slide, a ramp for cars, and this AM they covered it in colorful paper to be a rocket ship...

This is a (scary) shark poster Owen has on his wall in his room. He likes it. We're trying to support his love of sea creatures and so now I think we'll be getting a fish for his aquarium. 

O picking out his stories for bed.

Maya decided she wanted to have storytime in O's bed instead of her own.

The story got good so Maya sat up...

OM's new Ikea easel..thanks G'parents Myklebust:)

My Uncle Fred from San Diego stopped by for somewhat of a surprise visit. You can tell he's a true grandpa because he just laughed and laughed when they threw the large ball right in his face:)

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carrie said...

Maisie would kill for that box!! I can't show her this post or she'll sabotage the water heater for sure!

Keep on posting.