Friday, June 12, 2009

MPH Graduation

I have a few more (photos) but I'll post those tomorrow after our shindig. The ceremony today exceeded my expectations and I got choked up a number of times. The first time from baby sis reaching out to me to be picked up as I walked past her, then during a really nice speech by one of my fellow graduates, and then with the rousing applause and standing ovation by everyone there. I'm glad I ended up doing it. Nice way to end it. 

And can't wait for the party tomorrow...the strawberries have been coated in chocolate, the coconut banana bread is cooling and making the house smell nice and now just a speedy house clean and we'll be set.

I'll cry again if I think about it too much but instead of wishing I could get a pair of diamond earrings or something for my accomplishment I really wish I could get Woody everything in the world for all he did for me during the program. He's the most selfless, considerate, caring person and my best friend. I'm so lucky and so grateful...

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