Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vose elementary and more graduation moments

Woody would always take OM to Vose, the elementary school by our house, on the weekends while I was in grad school so I could write my papers and I never got to go. But, yay, this weekend I got to!!

So they have this game that they play where Owen lays on the top of the slide and yells "help me Maya, help me" and Maya comes over, they grab hands, and they slide down together on their bellies...Owee feet first and Maya head first. It's hilarious, especially to them.

We've been talking a lot around here about birthday's:) Owen has a whole list of things he wants: 
super soaker water shooter, 
t-ball holder, 
flashlight (smallish w/ an LED bulb), 
sea creature anything (I had a dream last night I was pregnant with thresher sharks..we have a book about sharks I read to Owen every night and the visual image that goes with it [they live in uteri and eat unfertilized eggs after they hatch, it's pretty gross] is so vivid that I guess my subconscious took over), 
Legos...he's got a lot he would like.

When you ask Maya what she wants for her birthday she gives you the same one-answer response every single time:


she says, ever so sweetly. When she's feeling bossy instead of sweet she likes to stamp down her feet in front of other kids, in say Target, and shout,"NO! That's my mommy!" No kid has even looked at her or me but she just likes everyone to know I guess. Sweet little baby sis:)

The rest of these photos are from my graduation...

At the restaurant(we've been to this place many times and were talking up the burgers and fries to AJ, Owen  & Maya prior to arriving but the menu changed and now they're more pizza-ish with not a burger or fry on the menu. The tater tots they did offer were practically ignored completely...ahh kids!

A & O...

Sassy baby sis...

This was the toughest moment of the day when Maya cried for me as I marched by..I barely controlled bawling my eyes out. Everyone witnessing it thought it was sweet but definitely tough for mom.

The three of them having a much better time before the ceremony (I was stuck in a small sweaty, windowless gym downstairs being put in alphabetical order for the procession).

Before the ceremony...

Owen took this one of me @ home. 

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