Monday, June 29, 2009

Homemade versus store bought

Exhibit A: Homemade invitations to OM's pirate-theme birthday party.
Exhibit B: Store bought invitations to a pirate theme birthday party (this was one Owen received from a friend @ preschool).

Guess which one Owen likes best???

Ding, ding, ding...If you picked the store bought invitation then you are correct!

He carried that thing around for an entire day showing anyone and everyone how great it was. My little invitation that I spent hours pondering over (what color papers, how will it tie into/match the cupcakes, what cute stamps will I find?) and then putting together. [Edited version. If I took my time posting I would have realized I didn't complete my thought here...I meant to add, something like: after all the thought and time I put into it he barely made a peep about it, certainly didn't carry my homemade version with him in the car or into stores like he did the other one...ok, I'll be a better editor in the future.] 

Don't get me wrong, I DIG doing stuff like that so it's okay, but what a rip

Which brings me to Michael Jackson (RIP King of Pop). 

My sister texted me last week to let me know MJ had passed, and when I called her later to tell her she was a dork for texting me that, she said she'd thought I would want to know since I use to have a Michael Jackson glove.

And here's how it all ties together: I didn't get the real, legitimate MJ glove; what I got was a kit that came with a white glove and glitter, sequins, etc. and I was suppose to make my own. And I was totally bummed about it because mine looked junky and I wanted the cool, already made glove that looked totally radical:)

But, way to go 'rents (i.e., parents)! You should have bought me the DIY MJ glove b/c kids to need to create.  

So, I guess I'll have to work my way through this as OM grow and whine about not having the cool, store-made stuff and get to make and create on their own (I can just picture my dad smiling ear-to-ear now...payback time)

Woo hoo, let the good times begin:)!!!

And onto the other photos: W & M weeding...
Maya insisted on wearing her winter gloves and wanted her baby to participate as well.
Owen with ALL of his cars and animals..

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