Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dad's day @ school

W took W-F off work to hang out w/ the fam, hike MSH, and prepare to pah-tay w/ OM for their pirate party. Hang-ten guys.

Thursday he went on a fieldtrip w/ them to Jamison Fountain (complete coincidence that O and M went to the same place on the same day). And, since Saturday was O's bday & Friday the preschool was closed, they brought in cookies (see below) to his class for snack to celebrate w/ his buddies.

These cookies are super-duper-duper yummy and were from a recipe I had in college that I lost but thanks to a friend's (great) blog they are back in my life:)

More dinner photos. O likes lots of variety and if there are only two or three things he exclaims his disappointment upon arrival to the table. (Even tho he's frowning here, he's happy w/ the variety: peas, apples, olives, rice, & cottage cheese).

Maya on the other hand shoves all bowls aside (and adds, "grody" and "yucky" as she dismisses them) and sticks to the one thing she likes: yogurt.

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