Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

I do not know who allowed it but, someone is turning two.

To the dedicated reader of the Chronicles you may notice a different format or a different flow to the prose of this evening's post. I was graciously given the opportunity to use the Happy OM Chronicles to wish Ms. Maya a happy birthday. I will attempt to match the wit, adoration, and knowledge of your normal blogger.

Back to the topic at hand - Maya Ginger Myklebust. It is your day, celebrate.

The topic of this post should mirror your recent statement of choice - I love you. It is much more powerful when you look into the huge blue eyes of a nearly two year old girl when she pronounces this without any semblance of doubt.

I will attempt to list and comment on topics or items that Maya does love.

Maya has a selective diet. She is testing the sustainability of a diet based solely on Yogurt, Mighty Bites, and Toast. Regardless of what is on the menu each morning it must begin w/ some delicious Apple Juice. You love Apple Juice.

Of course you love your Mama. No one can comfort, console, entertain, or love you like your Mama. If you look closely at Kristen's eyes you can see her calculating whether there is enough hair to make a ponytail. Not yet - you will have plenty of time to barrette hair, pedicure feet, manicure nails and be a girl w/ your Mama.

There he is, your brother, your partner, your comedic sidekick, your playmate and your teacher. This picture was taken as he walked you downstairs after a solid 12 hours of sleep. You have to recharge when you rock as hard as you two rock. If you are quiet you can hear them chanting for Juice and Cereal Bars. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the relationship that your are building, and thinking about the possibilities that the future holds for that relationship. The Improv and The Laugh Factory have nothing on our dinner table. Knock Knock jokes are common place but, my favorite is how the two of you crumble in laughter as you refer to Owen as a Peanut Butter Face. White linen, candlesticks, and polished silver to accompany the high brow reviews of the NY Times editorial pieces are clearly common place at our dinner table.

Fearless. Should someone that can barely reach the next step show hesitation on the playground? You clearly do not. Should someone that does not know how to swim fear rocketing down a water slide backwards? You clearly do not. That is why the Sun Room comes alive when you walk in. That is why you can hang with kids twice your age in the Grasshopper Room. Fearless.

Some say we look a like. I do not see it. You look much better.
You will be smarter, more beautiful, stronger, funnier, more confident and a better person.

Hurry that baby doll needs a diaper. I know, I know - Sssssssh your baby is sleeping.

Happy Birthday Maya

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