Monday, July 20, 2009

Within reach

Do not let her cuteness fool you!

Yes, she's adorable.

Yes, she's hilarious.

Yes, she knocks our socks off with her brilliance & comprehension of ideas beyond her years.

But, she's also set to turn two on Friday and she's letting us know what's in store.

Example 1: I spent 20 minutes lovingly slicing and dicing a delicious watermelon. I walked outside to turn on the grill and came back inside to this horrifying scene.

I'm about to nickname her swiper (from Dora the Explorer; Swiper is her nemesis) because daily she reaches her claw-arm onto the counter and reaches for anything she can grab, takes it, and runs. We find half-eaten bananas, apples and peaches all over the house. Woody thinks she's trying to get her five-a-day of fruits and veggies.

Example 2: I came across this next scene this morning:

I was outside sweeping and Owen was upstairs and called down to me thru Maya's bedroom window and said baby sis spilled coffee all over her room. I went running inside and found her standing there, with the cup, smiling. (This was after she had earlier taken a marker and colored her feet).

When I asked her why she did it she just looked down with that sheepish look on her face. Baby sis!

[I realize this reflects my parental supervision more than anything else, but, c'mon Maya, you're killin' me:)]

Later she said she needed to go potty so we ran to the potty and Owen offered to read her a story while she waited. He's such a doting big brother:)

Oh, and Aunt Debbie sent a box filled with beautiful sugar cookies, clothes and toys for OM, and the best thing of all: lots and lots of bubble wrap. They spent all morning running up and down it, jumping up and down it, dancing on it...thanks Aunt D!

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