Friday, July 31, 2009


These are from Maya's birthday..unbelievable! What little angels.

They had their two-year and four-year check-ups today. O's still rolling 75th percentile for height and weight and Maya is still 80th for height and 25th for weight.

Owen had a vision test for the first time which was so sweet and amusing. As the objects (they use pictures instead of letters for little guys) got smaller and smaller he'd say 'tiny star' or 'tiny x' so sweet. He had his blood pressure taken too and it was like 80 over 50 which is the lowest reading I've ever heard...ah, again, so sweet.

Anyway, they're healthy and hopefully (ya right) we won't see Dr. S for another year:)

These next photos are of Owen pretending with his dragons, prince and he took Maya's princess to be rescued...

Then Maya took it back.

These next ones are from today. Maya dressed her baby in her own clothes and was very frustrated when they didn't fit right. (Maya also got three shots today so she was a little more emotional than usual)

We did some coloring outside. We were drawing on inspiration from our surroundings. I drew the blue grass and then Owen told me to draw Star's poop so that's the orange blob in the grass...

Owen took this one of my feet...

And then he told me and Maya to make a funny face...

Maya took this last one...pretty good huh!

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