Sunday, July 12, 2009

sweet as tupelo honey

Our sweet little girl, our brave little girl I should say, went down the big slide, by herself, at our community indoor pool yesterday! The picture below isn't the slide but it's a lot like that one. A big, windy one that shoots out into a bigger pool.

Woody caught her at the bottom.

She kept saying, 'I go by myself' over and over (Owen goes by himself now) so I finally asked the lifeguard and she said it was fine if it was okay with us. She suggested a noodle for her to hold onto to keep her upright, but Maya's little 20-pound body went thrashing around and by the time she got down she was on her belly:) Happy.

It was scarier for me to put my little (not-yet-two-one-year-old!) on this big slide with water shooting out at the top. I put the noodle around her body and asked her if she was sure she really wanted to as she was staring down this giant, curvy, can't-see-the-bottom slide and she screamed 'I go!'

..and she went.

We're so proud of her. Owen too. These weekly trips to the pool have really improved his comfort level and his jumping and bubble-blowing skills.

I see a lot of cannonballs, probably a few belly flops, in our future...

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