Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

How does a girl describe her dad?

Especially my dad. Especially because I'm my dad's daughter...well, my father's daughter. 

[One of my favorite movies (before I had kids b/c now all my favorites are Pixar films) is Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett. And my favorite line from the movie, one I frequently proclaim (Woody can attest to this), loudly, in my best British accent is,

"I am my Father's Daughter!"

so true Queen Elizabeth, so true.]

So, 35 years and a few months ago I became my father's daughter. And I hit the jackpot--luckiest little girl born that day.

My dad, because he's super cool and extra smart, was in Corpus Christie, Texas flying airplanes instead of in the delivery room in Pensacola, Florida with me. No matter, in fact, good timing because of all the birthdays to miss that was the best one, as I really didn't notice:)

Anyway, I could go on and on about how awesome the man is but it comes down to this...three things: 

1. We're so similar - not in a scary way just in a (sorry Woody) 'it is what it is' kind of a way. On the bad side, we're both hard-headed control freaks that have to win all arguments (although I've still never won one with him. Darnit! One day I will take you dad, on a conservative vs. liberal issue, I will, I will!) On the good side, we get over the arguments quick, value exercise, and love, adore really, our families.

2. Still today, as a 35-year-old married mother of two, if "it" was going down, I'd want my dad there. The times I've been scared to death (the first time I went SCUBA diving, anytime I fly, etc.) I just know I'd feel and BE safe if my dad was there. He knows what to say and more importantly, I know in my soul he'd keep me alive or at least try harder than anyone else to do so.

3. I'm certain he's the only one reading my little blog here, word for word, day after day. Looking forward to it when he wakes up & checking for another post before he goes to bed. 

Thanks for always supporting me and being so proud of me dad.

I love you. Happy Father's Day. 

(I thought you might enjoy a little trip down memory lane of me as a happy little girl and being there for all the big (& small) moments in my life:)

I wasn't the only one that scored him as a dad:)

And to all the other father's out there...great job, happy dad's day!

*The careful reader may be wondering, WTF, where are all the pictures of her wonderful husband w/ her kids that she thinks are so very brilliant she writes a blog about them?

It's a surprise. 

Meaning, sometime, someday there will be a post entirely about W. That said, the careful reader already knows his fathering capabilities are top-notch...and that the blog abounds with photographic evidence of his superb fathering of OM.

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Ginger Myklebust said...

Your dad is your gift. You are ours.