Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby seals and Free bird

Monday morning before we went to the zoo OM were on the couch together pretending they were seals. I walked by and O asked, "are you our feeder, we're hungry" and I said, "great, go eat the blueberry bagel I toasted for you that's sitting on your plate uneaten" and O said, "we're seals, we eat fish." 

When we got home from the zoo Star and I heard some chirping come out of the chimney. Ugh. It's happened before that a sparrow has fallen down but this sounded bigger. I called W and asked him to come home and get it out. He laughed and said get it out yourself or wait 'til I get home. 

We waited:) 

Although, I felt really bad for the bird flapping really hard to get out of there. I determined it was a robin because a) we have dozens of them around and b) there was one robin in particular pacing up and down our garden, waiting for her buddy/mate. 

As soon as W got home he got to work and then O ran upstairs to get some "stuff to help." He ran back down with his construction goggles and nerf shooter..very clever, as he chose the shooter because it has a red laser on it and he wanted to help dad shine a light up the chimney.

W tried to take off the flue door but that still didn't work so he got aggressive and just reached in there and pulled him out!!!

I was in the kitchen (once it took longer than 15 minutes we all lost interest and stopped watching him) as W calmly announced, "I got it."

[I actually made dinner and suggested W take a break so that the bird could rest and maybe relax and jump down. During dinner O asked what we were going to do after dinner. He proceeded to tell us that, Step 1: get the bird out of the fireplace (he's into steps, he usually tells us, Step 1: take a bath, Step 2: use the potty, Step 3: get jammies on, Step 4: bah-ssert, aka dessert)]

W and his new friend:)

The bird just sort of sat in the grass so W finally nudged its tail feathers and it flew away. Hopefully he's okay.

Oh, and today we went to a 2nd hand store and I got this bikini, a book, and kiddie pool for $5. 

I know what you're thinking. 


From a 2nd hand store? 

Gross. It's almost like buying underwear from a 2nd hand store. Ewww. 

But, I think this baby is pretty darn new. It didn't have tags but it's shining newness is evident when you look at it. We went to our community pool Friday night and had so much fun and I hate my two current bathing suits so a new one was in order. I usually wear board shorts anyway so I'll probably just wear the top. 

Okay, I think I just convinced myself it's okay:)

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