Monday, November 12, 2012

chalice lighter and a bright red leaf

Last Sunday @ church Maya's kindergarten class lit the chalice at the beginning of the service.

These are two really bad photos of this incredibly sweet event.

Maya is wearing the pumpkin headband and striped sweater. In the first photo she's standing next to the little girl in the pink shirt in front.

In the second photo she's behind the little girl that just lit the chalice. She's kind of looking up at us. 

(They played this Beethoven sonata during the offering. Such a doozer.)

I had the best run yesterday, probably ever.

It was cold and drizzling the whole time but I felt strong and fast and pain-free.

It's beautiful around here in Fall and running through the fallen leaves makes me happy. 

As I was slowing down to a walk, a bright red leaf starting falling very slowly right in front of me and I immediately thought of my grandmother. I hadn't been thinking of her before that moment but then there she was. 
Almost literally.

Hope you're finding joy and meaning in the sweet moments we're given.

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