Friday, June 18, 2010

A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village

I'm about to start working full time (heavy sigh) so I've been trying to squeeze in as many extra activities as possible before such things will not be possible. 

So we drove down to Salem yesterday to check out A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village. OM had a lot of fun but not sure it was worth the drive. The climbing structure stands alone in design and magnitude but the inside attractions are, unfortunately, housed in old buildings that smell like too many kids didn't quite make it to the potty too many times. 

So, we mainly stayed outdoors. It wasn't super sunny but it wasn't raining and you take what you can get in Oregon. Plus, it's along a riverfront (quick google search informs me that the water is in fact from the willamette) which is lovely to behold.

Owen trying to convince Maya to climb into scary ladies mouth...didn't work.

that thing O is standing next to is a belly simulator: you get in and there are a bunch of balls that are suppose to grind up the kids:)

giant chair out front. could have been a cool father's day photo but OM weren't having it...

back to the play structure. O liked it because there were lots of tiny spaces and traps to get caught in. M didn't like those spots:)

He kept sliding down at this part so that's why he's laughing...

this part reminded me of the USS Sacramento. remember that Dad? "Sacramento, departing." :)

I still love a good wall of buttons to push. I pushed every single one and it was glorious!

My little snoozers. O&M rarely crawl in bed with us anymore but I just love it when they do.

Maya has been referring to herself as a lady a lot lately. We get a lot of 'ladies do this' and 'ladies do that'.

We were about to walk into a store the other day and she was licking a sucker and I asked her to hurry up and chomp it down and she looked at me, exhaled sharply, and said,

'mama, ladies do not chomp down suckers!'

point taken:)

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