Sunday, June 13, 2010

real quick

I've been a slacker blogger. My brain has been jam-packed with many, many things this past week or so. Anyway, we went to the zoo w/ AJ and Brook Friday and here are (just) a few photos. 
We all saw an enormous sea lion go #2 right in front of us and I gag just thinking about it...really rank! 
Other than that though it was teee-rific...

I'm tuckered but wanted to mention two things:

1. If you need a new salad dressing or, even if you don't, make this one:

your salad consumption will increase exponentially. it is the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, the bomb. and don't get freaked out by the miso, it's a nice ingredient to have around. i agree with Deb @ SK that a small shallot is best (I used large as suggested once and couldn't eat it, my eyes watered and I was gasping for air). and, I also add sunflower seeds to my ensalada. I've made this weekly for the past several weeks and EVERY time I lick the bowl clean, scrumptious!


2. if you need a book to read, try this one:

it's not quite as funny as Waiting for Birdy by Catherine Newman ( but it's still hilarious (and also sadder than Newman's book), especially if you're a mama.

happy trails...

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carrie said...

Love the photos but have to say that it SUPER SUCKS (pardon my French) to have to wear a sweater in June, right?! Guess I'll have to wait and get my heat and sun next month in AZ. Come join us!