Friday, September 10, 2010

sewing and stenciling

A little recap of things I've been sewing around here. 

I finally sewed a bag using this tutorial from Noodlehead.
It was for one of Owen's preschool teachers that he's had since he started at age 2. She followed him to three different classrooms. I didn't really realize I was THAT sad about it until we gave her the bag and then I had to excuse myself because I thought I was really going to lose it. 
Happily, Owen is staying at his fancy little private school for kindergarten too so we'll still see her lots.

and some KitKats for the outside pocket.

I sewed this dress out of

this t-shirt using this tutorial from MADE. And a little freezer paper stenciling:)

And I made that skirt up there but never got a chance to take the finished photo. 

Basically I made a lot of ruffly layers of chiffon...

and sewed them onto this skirt I made out of layers...

of organic, unbleached muslin using another pattern from MADE.
I made it for my niece but I'm going to make one for Maya too so then I'll have 'after' photos.

I made this dress out of...

this pillowcase sitting so lonely and unused in the linen closet.
This was inspired by the Craft Hope book and blog. I'm having a little get together in October with some mamas to make a whole bunch to donate. It's a quick and fun little project.

Then of course I've been freezer paper stenciling. 
This shirt O drew for his cousin...

And some baby gifts too...

I stenciled the tushes too:)

For this pair I decided to sew a little heart of the owl print on the booty. :)

Have you seen these little organic onesie's @ Target? They just need a wash and a little personalization and they're the perfect little gift.

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carrie said...

These are all such great creations! Love it, K! Whatcha makin' for the CAPT?