Friday, November 11, 2011

in the music rotation and other things...

I bought this cd last Christmas and never did get my fill before the holiday season was over. 
So, I dug it out early this year so I can listen it to it incessantly and absorb every single beautiful moment for a little longer this time. 

Our latest full-on booty shake was to track 7
So fun.

We've been listening to the A Very She & Him Christmas album a whole lot too.
I read an amusing review of it here.

To balance out all the Christmas tunes I've been listening to this too (thanks MBH!)

I'm not sure when this comes out but hopefully soon (Summer? What a rip!).
Looks. real. good.

This is the best photo of the week.
I think I'm going to start a regular gig here with the best photo of the week.
Get will be awesome.

Last year I posted this today.
Thank you Vets. 

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