Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maya's spring reflection

Yesterday Woody and I had a (sort of) parent teacher conference with Maya's much loved preschool teachers. These things are less conference and more here's what's shakin' with Maya and how we can support her development. One very excellent part of it is a typed page, with photos of Maya, that we get to take home with their thoughts put to paper.

This is their Spring Reflection:

Maya is a gentle and creative child. She cares for others in the classroom and has displayed a high sense of empathy for people in her life. Each day, Maya greets the teachers with a great big smile and hug. She loves to perform and often takes opportunities to share her ballet and other dance moves with the class. Maya spins and twirls with grace and ease, as if everything around her has melted away, and on she remains, dancing on the center stage.

This year has been filled with new discoveries. Maya has blossomed into a young child who has recognized new skills and abilities. From the rock wall to the monkey bars or the dance stage to the easel, each experience has allowed Maya to practice new skills and build confidence in her abilities.

Maya also loves and cares for Peaches, our classroom pet. She shows a great deal of compassion and concern for Peaches, making sure she is happy and fed. She has recently begun to create spaces and opportunities for Peaches to exercise and socialize.

Maya has many friends in the classroom, and can often be found playing and giggling with Sunaina, Helena, and Mia in the imaginative or quiet spaces. Maya is able to create clear boundaries in her play and cooperate with other children, respecting their ideas and incorporating her own. If not pretending to run an ice cream store or playing dog family, she might be found writing and drawing at the writing studio. She also enjoys telling stories and acting them out.

Goal: Maya loves to share and perform at meeting times. We would like to see her have more opportunities to share her talents in a more structured way. Such as, planning and preparing, choosing music for her dance, or searching for or creating a story to tell.

One of the best parts of me going to grad school was the opportunity to have OM attend this lovely, amazing, creative school. 

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