Friday, June 1, 2012


I haven't added a music selection in awhile. 
I've tried, but lots of times I couldn't embed the html code and I am utterly geek-less 
so, no songs for you.

But wait, before you play the sweet little tune by Little Willie John, watch this video first. You need to hear the music (and make sure you have a few minutes to weep [it's a doozer]):

Ugh...maybe I'm just feeling mushy today but that video did me in.
(Owen did tell me this morning that he only has 9 more days of 1st grade. Wait. Didn't I just drop him off on the first day?)

It's a long story of how I found this lovely site but I'd really love the Orla Kiely number (3rd row, 1st on the left).

OK fine, I'll tell you. 
I am embarrassed to admit it, but I watch America's Next Top Model.
It's an awful show. It could be a great show if it didn't stoop to such lame levels to make itself "interesting" but I guess that is how reality shows work these days.
Anyway, I tape it and then fast forward to the modeling part (usually about 30 minutes in). I love to see the transformations and the back drops and locations are interesting. 

So, the recent winner (yay, glad she won!) is friends with Emma Watson and she is a part of the People Tree place. 
And I just loved Emma Watson in the Harry Potter films.
I also love the name Hermione (note to self: convince family to name next pet her-my-nee).

(This could be sooner than later, as we cared for Maya's preschool guinea pig Peaches this past weekend and an official request has been made for her very own.)

I saw this Where Children Sleep post and thought it was fascinating.

Owen and I were playing Hangman and he schooled me with this one:

Maya left this note in the bathroom for me one day recently. She also leaves little notes in my purse. Her signature style are the rainbows she always adds (even all black ones).               She LOVES when we write her notes for her sweet.

Speaking of love, I recently checked out Love Soup
It went back to the library covered in soup splatterings (sorry about that future borrowers) and I now have a freezer filled with tasty stock and warm memories of tasty soup.

This is Smitten Kitchen's strawberry rhubarb crumble (I made mine gluten free and added a bit of oats to the crumb topping). 

Make it. 
Rhubarb will be gone before you know it.
I have some rhubarb sitting on the counter that is going to be turned into this this weekend.

From the garden:

Have a good one!

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