Monday, June 25, 2012

Owen's year as a 1st grader

O's 1st grade year knocked our socks off.

It was similar to his first year of life 'cept instead of smiling, crawling, walking and talking it was reading, writing, swimming, and sports.

The first and last photos are ones I took but the rest are through the viewfinder of Mr. Reister, Owen's beloved First Grade Teacher.

We love you O! 
In the words of Mr. Reister, you are a kind, observant, intelligent, well-liked, role model student:

 (Owen, Naya, Monica and Ezra)

 (Monica, Owen, Kaily, Eli and Kayleigh B.)

 (First school field the zoo)

 (Dia de los muertos masks)


 The 5th graders presenting their research projects...couldn't resist some of these, they just cracked me up:

Owen with his big buddy (3rd grader) Zach.
They met every Friday and it was always a highlight of Owen's week.

Another highlight of the year was Darth Vader and the storm troopers. They came for a visit with the author of some of the Star Wars readers books.
Mr. Reister said it was impressive to see Darth Vader walking down the dream come true:)

Valentine's Day goodies..

 Mr. Reister did lots of animal studies during the year.
This one involved chicks.
(Then the class raised money to buy chicks for families in developing countries via Heifer International...lots of good learning lessons).

These last ones are from 2nd to last day of school @ field day...

O's last day of First Grade!
[Not a single baby tooth is even wiggly (he's gonna be the only kid I think entering 2nd grade with a full set of baby choppers).]

We're proud of you kid!

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