Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Curator

This is a little round-up of Christmas-y things I've loved this past week or so:

(She's truly this lovely in person. And thanks for reading my little blog, I love you so much!!)

Need some gift giving guidance? Click here.

This has nothing to do with Christmas but is the best video I have ever seen 
(and I should know, I spent an unfathomable amount of my youth watching MTV. Back when they only played music videos. Like hours. Every day). 

Watch it. 

(I know it seems indulgent to watch music videos on your computer but do it anyway. I firmly believe if everyone would watch, say this, instead of the "news" every morning with their coffee the world would be a better place.

And, (I hate to seem bossy, but) play it in full screen view. They took the time to create this awesomeness, you have to see it up close:) Uh, and so, if you are viewing this on your phone, walk straight to a computer and view it there. This deserves more than a phone viewing. 
Geez, I really am bossy, and so close to Christmas.

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The Chung Family said...

very cool video! When are we going to see you? We've been here in Portland for a year now--crazy huh?

Happy Holidays!