Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Maya's tree

Maya adopted that little tree there for a class project.
She's documenting the changes and reporting back to her class periodically.

She talks about that sweet little tree a lot.

In other kindergarten news:
At dinner tonight we were talking about Santa.

Maya told us that two girls in her class, Sophie and Stella, don't believe there is a Santa.
They believe their mom and dad sneak down the stairs at night and put the presents out.

Owen interrupted with, "no way, who do they think eats all the cookies and milk?"

Maya said, "they think the parents do that too."

So Owen said, "why would they put cookies out for themselves?"

Then Woody and I joined in to sort of change the subject.

She's only 5...I was on board 'til 10. 

Speaking of Santa...I saw this clip today and it made me happy.
We love Jimmy Fallon's show.

Hope you're enjoying the season!

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