Thursday, April 15, 2010

more from Switzerland...

One of the very best things about visiting my brother is knowing that there will be good food aplenty. Whether he cooks something at home or we go out it is always delicious. Real delicious. 

When he lived in Singapore he took us to super yummy casual Indian food restaurants where we ate with our hands off of banana leaves and to super fancy Indian food restaurants with proper table linens. And to delicious Vietnamese food restaurants and really good American restaurants too.

Switzerland didn't disappoint either. We went to a cute (every single town in Switzerland is adorable so cute is sort of superfluous) ski town (Champery) and ate this scrumptious fondue

We of course are familiar with regular cheese fondue served with bread (they don't do crudite in S'land) and I actually have a recipe I like a lot. We weren't, however, familiar with the tomato fondue. Wow! The basket with the red top is filled with boiled potatoes that you eat with it. Brilliant. Tangy tomatoes, swiss-y cheeses and the humble boiled potato is a perfect pairing.

This is Champery...

Maisie found some snow and couldn't resist pelting her dad a couple times.

These next ones are from the town of Montreux, located on the shore of Lake Geneva.

We were walking to that castle back there, the Chateau de Chillon.

We also went to Bern, Switzerland, a German-speaking part of the country (they speak French in Michael's town).

About to board the train in Sion heading to Vevey.

Cheers! I mean, sante!

Me, Charlie Chaplin, Carrie Sue and Maisie. (Charlie spent the last part of his life in Vevey).

Je t'aime Swiss Family Hinson! Thanks for the amazing trip!!!

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